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146. The process of making plastic molds

We all know the plastic molds have already brought us a big change. But few people know the process of plastic molds. In fact processes Blow molding is another very popular method for creating custom molds and many types of business to business packaging solutions. With this process, plastic is melted down and formed into a preform or parison, which is a tube-like form with a hole on one end.

1. Process for making a plastic molded article with a decorated surface, comprising the steps of introducing in a mould a decorated film which comprises at least one layer consisting essentially of a thermoplastic elastomer containing polyether segments.

2. Process according to the rule #1, wherein the custom molds are housing front for cellular telephones.

3. Process according to the rule #1, wherein the thermoplastic elastomer has a hardness of 30-75 Shore D.

4. A plastic molded article which comprises an injection-moulded part having holes, and a decorated film layer adhered to the injection-molded part and covering the holes thereof.

The above rules you could reference if you need.

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