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Custom Molds - Plastic Molds

Cool prototyping is truly a one-stop shopping source for custom molds and plastic molding industries, offering everything from standard ejector pins to complex runnerless molding systems with precision temperature controllers. With our extensive special machining capabilities and sophisticated machine tools, Cool Prototyping can supply virtually any standard or special component, or perform any mold-related machining job, no matter how complex.

We specialize in both the making of molds and the creation of plastic products from them.


A metal block containing a cavity. This is used to form a product. Traditionally, molds have been expensive to fabricate. Therefore they were usually used only in mass production, where the number of parts to be produced was sufficient to satisfactorily dilute the molds cost per manufactured piece. There are several kinds of molds. The following chart contains a representative listing.

Category Sub-category Sample
Non-Plastic molds die-casting tap
solid forging die body of the car
stamping die panel of computer
pressure die casting engine block
Plastic molds injection molds TV shell、keyboard buttons
Blow molds beverage bottle
Compression molds Phenol-Formaldehyde switch
Transfer molds integrated circuit products
squeezing die plastic bag
Thermoforming molds transparent package
Rotational molds soft capsule toy


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