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1) A clear, concise design concept

Communication with the customer to get a holistic impression of the product's purpose, function, orientation, size, mold craftwork, materials, and so on. Customers will want to have a clear and concise concept to establish the direction of development.

2) A simple sketch of your patent or idea

If you can draw a simple sketch that explains your patent or idea, please do so and send it to us. This will make explaining your idea easier and will help us better understand you during communications.

3) Detailed dimensions of the product if possible

If you specific detailed dimensions and size requirements, please tell us. We can use this data to accurately perfect the product to meet your needs.

4) Comparison with similar products on the market

If your idea can be described by some existing product already on the market, please let us know. This can serve as a reference for understanding your own idea.

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