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145. The knowledge about rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the unique and the fastest technology of creation the models of any object that can be later released to consumer market. Rapid prototyping technology is usually referred as RP, it is generally accepted abbreviation for rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping comes in handy here it not only quickens the entire manufacturing process, but also reduces expenses on production. Let us take injection molds as an example. The usual cost of it ranges from twenty to seventy thousand dollars. The process of injection mold production takes up to a month. Despite this insignificant delay, it is obvious, that injection molds have too many advantages. Among these advantages are the exclusion of tooling and carving from the prototyping process, improvements of a product without post-production expenses and increase of income from product selling. Factors mentioned above are the main reason for usage of rapid prototyping.

The main achievement of the modern rapid prototyping invented in 1988 was a great economy of time and absence of additional tooling, which made it possible to create models in several days or even hours. Despite high price for rapid prototyping models, rapid manufacturing is very popular and used by such industries as engineering, medicine, architecture, machining, etc. The closest analogue of rapid prototyping is three-dimensional printing. As opposed to rapid prototyping, 3D printers are of much smaller size, which makes it possible to use them not only by large industries, but at home as well. The price of such printers is comparatively low, the most expensive model costs less than 5000 dollars. The functionality of such printers is undeniable, so, who knows, may be each of us will have such machine in the nearest future.

Over the recent decades rapid prototype services managed with solving lots of tech problems. And rapid prototype might help you to. Please make sure to learn more about the rapid prototype industry and how it helps.

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