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Plastic Molds Creation

1) Build molds

After signing the mold creation contract, we will build a mold for the product. The mold is made by a moldmaker (or toolmaker) from metal, usually either steel or aluminium, which is then precision-machined to form the features of the desired parts. Injection moulding is commonly used for manufacturing a variety of parts and is suitable for small components or large pieces. A standard injection mold is made of a stationary (or injection) side containing one or more cavities and a moving (or ejection) side. The basic injection cycle is as follows: mold closes - injection carriage forward - inject plastic - metering - carriage retract - mold opens - eject part.

2) Test molds and revise

The quality of the molded part depends on the quality of the mold itself, the care taken during the molding process, and upon details of the design of the part itself. We pay close attention to these influencing factors in the creation of our molds. After opening a mold, we will test it strictly to make sure it is of good quality.

3) Mold confirmation

Once we complete the mold tests, we will ask you for confirmation. If you are satisfied, we will continue forward to the next processes. Or, if you would like to make some modifications, we will do so according to your specifications.

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