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147. The need of rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is a layer by layer building a physical model (prototype) in accordance with the geometry of the CAD-model. The main difference between this technology and traditional methods of production models is that the model has been created not by separating the material from the work piece, but by incremental layering of the material that is a component of the model, including its constituent inner and even moving parts. The models made by RP can be made of various materials (depending on the technology used in the equipment): plastic, liquid resin, special powders, various sheet materials. The building process is largely automated and can obtain high quality and relatively inexpensive model, spending on their production hours, not days and weeks, as it was when using traditional methods.

The technologies providing such unique opportunities were immediately in demand and have been embraced by many industries. Application of rapid prototyping has provided them with significant savings of time and money spent on the preparation of new products to the production, thereby significantly reducing the time and cost of design and construction work, the work on manufacturing tooling, as well as with improving the quality of their products.

Do you face the problem when you need to present your design but there is no model? Then definitely you need rapid prototyping. Moreover this technology may be very useful for marketing while the product has not been ready yet. Interesting? Check out this cheap rapid prototyping site.

This rapid prototyping methodology is a powerful instrument today. Make use of it to explore products, their weak and strong points. Also keep in mind that current online technologies offer you a unique chance to try and to find anything you might want. If you want to be aware of the latest publications on the subject.

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