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Cool Prototyping offers a wide range of product design services: Rapid prototyping, custom molds, plastic molding and production tooling processes.  We can fully integrate the various processes of creating prototypes, be it combining the rapid prototyping, custom molds and production tooling, or our specialty of plastic molding.
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Brief Introduction

Product design: From the initial sketch or concept to working products, we have the skilled designers for any stage of product development: 2D and/or 3D designs can help you visualize both the appearance and structure of the products. Rapid prototypes express the form and function of products. Plastic molds are used in mass production and production tooling provides you with large quantities of product.

Rapid prototyping: We offer different types and techniques of making rapid prototypes, such as CNC, SLA, SLS, LOM, FDM, and more.

Custom molds: With advantaged equipment and overseas backup factories, we can offer many kinds of plastic molds including: injection molds, blow molds, compress molds and extrusion molds etc.

Plastic molding and production tooling: Final products can be made at optimal speed. We will help you find the right technique and equipment to best meet your needs.

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With our years experiences in product design field: 2D or 3D design; high quality rapid prototyping service, such as SLS, SLA, CNC and FDM etc; custom molds service, including all kinds of plastic molds, and our advanced production tooling and plastic molding equipment, we help our customers make their golf brush patent into reality!!!
Cool Prototyping provides "one-stop" product design service: rapid prototyping, plastic molds, custom molds, production tooling and plastic molding.
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