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Appearance Design

1) Concept sketches

If you have any concept sketches, we can perfect and convert them to a finalized format for the outline design. If not, we can use the product plans, functionality, and other specifications combined with industrial design analysis to achieve a clear product concept and draft a ideas sketch.

2) 3D / ichnographic imaging

3D and ichnographic (plans and sections) images are scaled drawings that detail sizes and product parts. Our industrial designers can provide evaluations of the product's originality, marketability, process feasibility, and cost effectiveness to suggest design decisions for the product's appearance and to create appropriate drawings. The external graphics will express a sense of the completed product body and is a direct reference for configuration design and molding.

3) Colors and logos

We can provide indepth color studies based on market trends to suggest product colors and surface processing or craftwork. We can also match colors & logos to your specifications and achieve a final blueprint.

4) Customer confirmation

Once the product's appearance has been completed, we will send it to the customer for confirmation. If revisions are desired, we can edit it until you are satisfied.

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