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Product Design Contract

1) Make design and prototyping contract terms

Our company provides many kinds of services including appearance design, configuration design, prototype and mold creation, and final product manufacturing. If you need any one of these services, we can complete it per your requirements. For example, if you want only a mold as the final outcome, we can work with that in mind so long as this is detailed clearly on the design contract. As for the contract itself, it must be signed by both parties before work can begin. The contract includes all items that have been agreed upon, detailed specifications and drawings you've provided, the services we are to provide, confidentiality clauses, pricing, payment, and any other concerns.

2) Sign contract

After both parties have agreed to all the terms on the contract, we will both sign it. The following work procedures will be carried out according to the contract. The contract may be renewed within 30 days of its expiration date upon mutually acceptable terms by both parties and set in writing.

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