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135. How to create the product design?

The first is to actually do design. It never ceases to amaze us, when working with companies, how many do little or no professional product design. Much of both the technical architecture and the productís aesthetics and usability are designed by the development engineers.

Then, it is important to understand the difference between the two types of design skills, and to employ both in a seamlessly integrated way. While they share some principles, these are fundamentally different disciplines, and different professionals are needed for each.

The result, all too often, is products that are inelegant both technically and from the customer perspective. Thankfully, in recent years awareness of the importance of product design has grown amongst technology-based companies, as a result of the success of icons such as Apple.

It is impossible to design products that truly meet both user and producer needs unless they are professionally designed by both disciplines working in close coordination and harmony.

Here are some samples we have done before, please kindly take a look:

Product design

Product design
Rapid prototyping

rapid prototyping

Plastic molds
Custom molds

Electronic product
design samples

rapid prototype

Plastic molds
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