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134. What is rubber molding?

Now there are appeared many different technologies, such as plastic molding, rubber molding, etc. But many people don't know more things about them. In fact they are very important for our life.

Rubber molding is a molding process that produces a useable rubber product. Rubber custom molds are made from uncured rubber or elastomers. An elastomer is any material with sufficient resilience or memory for returning to its original shape in response to pressure or distortions. Rubber and elastomers can be derived from natural sources, although they are mostly synthetic, produced through highly controlled chemical processes.

Rubber molding creates molded rubber parts by pressing a block of rubber into a Rubber molding metal cavity. The rubber is then exposed to heat, activating a chemical reaction. While there are variations in specific methods, all rubber manufacturers use heat and pressure method to form molded rubber products. The three most common methods in the rubber molding process are injection molding, compression molding and transfer molding. They all involve pouring liquid rubber material into a mold where it is cured in an oven and cooled. Some examples of molded rubber parts include rubber grommets, tubes, shock mounts, stoppers, hoses, bumpers, washers, gasket and seals. Foam rubber goods are also significant due to their many applications.

Rubber molding offers many advantages as it is of low cost that leaves behind no gate or ejection marks.

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