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66. Understanding Rotational Plastic Molding

If you have never seen the movie The Graduate than you simply must see it for one good reason. In one very classic scene, a grizzled old and jaded businessman offers the secret to success to Dustin Hoffman's character. That secret is then carefully whispered in one word in his ear and that word is Plastics.

Back then it was comedy but today no one is laughing and most certainly not the people who work at Roto Spas. This is because they incorporate the absolute very latest plastic molding technology to make their incredible very affordable portable spas that go from the truck to use in mere minutes.

It's called rotational plastic molding and it is the means by which extremely large items can be molded from molten plastic. Up until this technology was developed, larger items had to be made from other types of plastic such as vinyl that had innate shortcomings.

You have seen small durable plastic items such as toys before. These are made by an injection molding process and they are almost indestructible. However; molten plastic is difficult to form, so up until recent years only smaller items could be made with it. That is until rotational custom molds technology was developed.

With this new technology that's used by Roto Spas to create incredibly light and durable, high grade plastic spas, granular plastic is places into the large mold. The mold is then spun as it is held in an oven and the centrifugal force keeps the plastic evenly dispersed when it becomes molten.

After it's cooled, the plastic spa is trimmed and finished out. Then the next stage is to add all the other fittings and fixtures that go into making Roto Spas. Low cost and durability is why all their spas come with a ten years guarantee.

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