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63. Help me start a GT manufacturing company

I am a certified tractor but I want to start my own GT manufacturing company, Maybe a pipe dream but with the low end GT lines and the development of a rather expensive sub-cut market. I am convinced these big GT companies are bloated with overhead, its the only reason I can figure they are charging so much for so little.

I am an engineer, not a business guru but I figure one could build a tractor for 2K not counting overhead, the tractor could retail for roughly 4k. I have only thought about this for a day so I need perform some hard math but in my head it seems plausible. I do not think my plan would make me rich but maybe support a living, I don't know.

Here is kind of what I was thinking

1. Conventional product design, big wheels in back, small in front.
2. Simple sturdy frame, no custom molds, stamping, etc. Just CNC cut pieces or c-channel. Design to accept small 40 wide FEL, only raises about 4-5 ft.
3. 10-15 hp diesel or 20 hp gas engine.
4. 2WD hydraulic drivetrain. I have envisioned one motor per rear wheel, the steering will reduce flow to motor on inside of turn, not sure how doable this is.
5. No mower deck, purchase separately. Manual lift.
6. Hydraulic PTO connects at front and rear.
7. Possible power steering.
8. Simple hood, operator platform, and fenders.

Here are some samples we have done before, please kindly take a look:

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Product design
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rapid prototyping

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