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38. 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping for Consumers

3D printing and rapid prototyping technology is on the base of enhancing product availability for consumers. The technology once used only by manufacturing industries is about to become available for consumer using at home or for small business. Rapid prototyping technology will give an almost unlimited ability for production tooling to the average consumer.

Just imagine that you have lost a button to your favorite suit or dress and there's no time to purchase another. Is there a solution? Yes, 3D Printing can produce an exact replica of the bottom you need! Once produced, you sew it on and you are on your way. 3D printing can apply this rapid prototyping technology for the consumer and in a variety of applications. The technology for 3D printers is computer assisted design software instructing the printer to build a 3 dimensional model layer by layer until an exact reproduction is produced. Just think of the possibilities for consumers that 3D printers using rapid prototyping technology propose, they are too vast to number.

3D Printing used for 3D Toys and Models
The use of 3D printing for making toys and models for the consumer right in their home is only one of many applications of rapid prototyping technology. In this application the consumer would purchase or download a (CAD) software package for the toy they wanted to produce and upload it into the hard-drive. One of many models of 3D printing could then begin to manufacture the toy or model for the consumer. Options such as customizing monograms or colors for the lucky recipient of the toy would be available to the consumer. In a short period of time a customized toy would be ready for packaging, wrapping and gift giving.

3D Printing: The Advantages of Rapid Prototyping At Home
As the implications for 3D printing and rapid prototyping continue to unfold the ramifications for the consumer to manufacture products at home are immense. If a new household product is desired by the consumer they can simply purchase a CAD file upload it and reproduce it. Maybe that new kitchen tool seen on television appeals to the consumer, 3D printers have the capability to produce it right in the home. Or maybe a birthday is coming up and you saw the perfect gift, 3D printers can create that gift with rapid prototyping technology.

Everyone with kids has toys and models that have missing or broken pieces that the kids don't use anymore. These items could be restored as 3D printers would be able to manufacture a new model or just the piece that needs replacing. Rapid prototyping technology and 3D printings open up a whole host of new options by allowing the consumer to play a larger role in the design and manufacture of products they wish to purchase. Because of 3D printing, the days where consumers will have to settle for some products they are not 100% thrilled with will be coming to an end. 3D printing will subsequently allow consumers to customized, design and manufacture many products on their own and in their own homes.

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