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132. Plastic Injection Molding - Explained

You will be well aware what plastic molding is. Plastic molding can be precisely defined as giving a particular shape to something in a plastic state. Plastics are widely used today's because of its high durability. These plastics are molded into desired shapes using various techniques. The plastic injection molding is one of the cost effective molding techniques available today.

The injection molding process is not a new concept. Thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics are the two materials that are involved in the plastic injection molding process. Some of the polymers used in injection molding are Epoxy and Phenol. In this process the liquefied plastic is fed into a heated barrel where the plastic granules are mixed and forced to form custom molds cavity. Once this is done, the molded cavity is cooled and then hardened. The plastic molding machine consists of the reciprocate screws to mix the plastic granules, while the moveable pattern plastic molds into desired shape which takes place in the clamping part of the machine. Injection molding is widely used for production tooling variety of components from small parts to the entire components for vehicles.


Plastic injection molding is used to produce many parts like bottle caps, containers, home appliances and most other plastic products that we use today. Injection molding is the only technique for producing many idle products in large volume and the most common method in part manufacturing. Low labor costs, materials can be used in wide range, scrap losses are minimal and high tolerances are repeatable are some of the advantages of the injection molding techniques.

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