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118. The Mold That Grows on Your Bread

Custom molds can get on food like bread. It does not matter if it is in the refrigerator or not. If it is not in a dry area, moisture will get to it and damage the surface of the bread. There are ways to keep your bread fresh and from plastic molds getting on it.

Some of these custom molds you may not see and some you can. It is a good idea to smell your bread before you eat any of it because your nose can tell you that something is not right just from the smell of the bread. These molds are called spores, and they look like little brown hairs on the surface. You will also see black mold on there as well.

If you see any mold on your bread, you will need to throw it out because it will spread through the whole loaf of bread. It will grow on the soft part and on the crust. Also if you see it, it is a good idea not to open it this way, and so it will not get in the air ands get on the other foods or on anything else.

There are some custom molds where you can only see under a microscope, and some you can see with the naked eye. Just keep an eye on your bread because if it has a smell to it and you don't see anything, it does not mean there is no mold there.

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