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92.Rapid prototyping is important for architecture

We all know the rapid prototyping is very popular now. So many field start to using it. For example architecture, the rapid prototyping is very important for it.

It is not too farfetched to predict that in the future a complete building will be constructed from a computer. Similar technology has already begun to be used by the industrial design and manufacturing industries. One of the trendy and oldest technologies to be used in architecture is called Stereo Lithography, since it involves a laser beam moving through a vat of ultraviolet-sensitive liquid polymer, which follows the contour of a digital 3D model.

The beam strikes on a layer of ultraviolet-sensitive liquid polymer, and then the thin layer is solidified. The laser will keep repeating the same process from the bottom to the top of the 3D model. These existing rapid prototyping technologies can immediately help the building industry; however they do require some alteration to suit individual building types. It should be mentioned that these manufacturing processes are crucial to the development of building automation.

Computers can produce precise results, while manual labor is imprecise which is essentially important in architecture. The direct digital manufacturing process can reduce errors and make digital building elements affordable. The original prototype is always expensive, but the cost can be reduced to a bare minimum by using rapid prototyping techniques.

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