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84. The production of plastic molding

Plastic molding bring us a big change. Now many industry all use the plastic molding, and there many production in the market. Thus it can be seen, it is very important for us.

Fully automatic high speed blister molding machine production, the basic principle is: drawing sheets into volumes into the furnace heat oven to soften the state, by heat and then pull the top plastic mold, mold on the Move and vacuum, to soften the sheet material adsorbed to the mold surface, while cooling water to spray the liquid on the surface of forming sheet to make it harden, forming the sheet material and then automatically pulled to the tanks, pneumatic cutter to shape and not forming separate sheet to complete the entire process.

Plastic product has most of the major quality problems occur in this process:
1. Blister is not in place, the shape deformation is not the same shape and mold plastic into the product;
2. Blister over, the product is too thin;
3 . pull, is shaping the product line marks should not have happened; 4. uneven thickness. the debugging in place, including: sheet ahead of time, heating temperature and time, intensity and duration of vacuum, on the whereabouts of the location model, time and depth, make-up placing in the mold location, whether between the die and add accessories and so on.

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