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78. Rapid prototyping and porfit

With the development of the society, more and more companies begin to use the rapid prototyping. They get many profit with it.

Many types of applications can benefit from rapid prototyping. The European ESPADON project, which involved engineers from BAE Systems, Thales and MBDA, benchmarked the technique against traditional software development in radar and sonar applications. They found rapid prototyping to be at least two times faster than traditional development and, in one case, resulted in a 16-fold improvement in cycle time. The researchers on the project concluded that the use of a common rapid-prototyping process and the development of libraries to maximise reuse were large factors in making these improvements possible.

However, rapid prototyping brings with it challenges. During the initial stages of development, the rate at which embedded software evolves can lead to problems as the number of variant builds and versions explodes. The many changes to software modules that occur towards the beginning of a sub-project can destabilise the core code base unless each of the variants is packaged and maintained separately. Conversely, bug fixes to code common to more than one variant need to be propagated to the equivalent code modules in other variants, to ensure that the underlying bugs do not leak into production software.

Every new technology will bring us many porfit. So if you want to get more porfit, you should know it better.

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