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76. Plastic injection molding

Noeadays we often hear that someone say the plastic injection molding. But whether did you know what is plastic injection molding? If you want to know, you can read about below.

plastic molds Injection Molding is a fast growing process that has gained a lot of momentum in a very short span of time. There are various advantages of using plastic mould injection molding process. The major advantage is that it is very reliable and cost-effective.

The plastic mould when poured, takes the shape of the cavity or the mold used and get solidified or settled in it. After some time molded material is ejected out from the cavity. The same cavity can be used to make any number of molds. The mold can be of any preferred shape. The mold has two components namely the injection mold and the ejector mold. The melted plastic mold resin is transferred into the mold and the ejector mold helps in ejecting the plastic mold part after it is solidified in the mold without any damage using ejecting pins.

The next procedure is the use of hydraulic or mechanical pressure. Air gets trapped inside the mold and this is done to release the air. This is known as the dwelling process. The air cavities are pushed to one corner of the mold when pressure is applied. Then the fluid is allowed to solidify and the mold is cooled. Finally the solidified plastic mold part is taken out from the mold either manually or automatically.

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