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43. Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)

Laminated object manufacturing is short for LOM. It is a rapid prototyping system, in which, layers of adhesive-coated paper, plastic, or metal laminates are successively glued together and cut to shape with a knife or laser cutter.

The process is performed as follows:
1. Sheet is adhered to a substrate with a heated roller.
2. Laser traces desired dimensions of prototype.
3. Laser cross hatches non-part area to facilitate waste removal.
4. Platform with completed layer moves down out of the way.
5. Fresh sheet of material is rolled into position.
6. Platform moves up into position to receive next layer.
7. The process is repeated.

Low cost due to readily available raw material
Paper models have wood like characteristics, and may be worked and finished accordingly
Dimensional accuracy is slightly less than that of Stereolithography and Selective laser sintering but no milling step is necessary.
Relatively large parts may be made, because no chemical reaction is necessary.

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