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113. Plastic molding and plastic products

Now we can see the plastic products anywhere. And we use the things everyday. But wether did you think about how many plastic products we use on a daily basis, you will see why the plastic molding process is such an important one. Whether it is domestic use around a home (everything from baby bottles to plates to toothbrushes) or the plastic body panels we have on our cars, plastic has become an indispensable part of our lives.

Although the plastic molding process has changed, the basic methods have not altered overly much. As soon as a form of plastic was created that could be heated and shaped easily people began to look for a way to create three dimensional objects easily and consistently. The plastic injection molding process followed shortly after.

There are many products that are produced using various types of plastic molding techniques. These can include household items such as combs, hair barrettes and toothbrushes. Many plastic toys are made using plastic molding. The automotive industry also tends to use plastic molding in order to create automotive parts including body panels. The medical industry also often uses products created using plastic molding. Tubes and piping are made using this process and these are used in many different areas including diagnostics, surgery and general medicine.

Thus it can be seen, the plastic molding is very important for us. So we should know it better.

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