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111. Plastic molds and candle

We all know the plastic molds are very supernatural. many candles are made by the plastic molds.

Candles Making Plastic mold have been a good friend to man for ages. Up until the invention of the electric light bulb candles were a necessity for normal life. Candles and the light they provided was a critical item to any center of human activity including households, work places, offices, places of entertainment, etc.

Plastic molds are the least expensive and best suited for new chandlers. They are the least durable of the rubber class of molds and are not known for making better quality candles or longevity. They do make candles and are a good starter mold.

With this information in mind the intrepid candle maker can go forward with confidence in the knowledge of the best types of candle molds for their purpose.

Here are some samples we have done before, please kindly take a look:

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Product design
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rapid prototyping

Plastic molds
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Plastic molds
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