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165. Laminated Object Manufacturing? 

Laminated Object Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping is a relatively mature technology.

LOM rapid prototyping technology was first developed by the United States Helisys. The technology will be a special foil stacked layer by layer, the laser beam scanning and cutting only the edge of each layer, but did not like the SLA technology to scan the entire surface layer.

The most commonly used is a foil surface in a hot-melt resin coated paper. Molding machine in the LOM, the foil material by a feed roll is pulled out through the rubber side down to form flat platform at the other by the winding up and rewinding reel. Each deposited layer of paper covered up by a hot roll over the back of the paper, its adhesive layer on the platform or the previous paper. At this time began to move the laser beam for cutting the outline of the current layer. The accuracy of the laser beam focus, so just to cut through the thickness of a layer of paper. Around the cavity in the model and the paper was cut into small pieces laser beam so that post processing can remove these materials. Meanwhile, in the molding process, the fraction of the cavity and the model can play a supportive role in the cantilever structure.

LOM technology currently used for the main foil coated paper, film plastic, wax covered ceramic foil, coated metal foil.

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