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Laminated Object Manufacturing(LOM)

Laminated Object ManufacturingIntroduction:

Laminated Object Manufacturing, which is often referred to by its initials LOM, is a rapid -prototyping process. It is based upon the subtraction of materials as successive layers are formed. This is in contrast to other rapid prototype technologies, which are based upon the addition of layers.

The model is formed from successive layers of heat-bonded sheet material, typically paper. The sliced CAD data is used to control a laser which cuts the perimeter (only) of each slice in the sheet material.

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  • Layers of glue-backed paper form the model.
  • Low cost due to readily available raw material
  • Large parts: Because no chemical reaction is involved, parts can be exceptionally large.
  • Accuracy in z is less than that for SLA and SLS.
  • Dimensional accuracy is slightly less than that of Stereolithography and Selective laser sintering but no milling step is necessary.
  • Models should be sealed in order to exclude moisture.
  • Not as commonly-used as SLA or SLS.


  • Limited number of prototypes needed (1-10).
  • Concept Models
  • Functional testing
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