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Cool Prototyping

Cool Prototyping is a leading supplier of pre-production and production services such as: Product design, rapid prototyping, SLA, SLS, FDM, CNC, custom molds, all sorts of plastic mold making, production tooling and plastic molding.  We can fully integrate the various steps into a coherent process that best serves you.

"Your Start-To-Finish Solution" with Cool Prototyping

Cool Prototyping Ė High Quality, Low Price, Fast Turnaround
Cool Prototyping is the best choice for fast, accurate, and flexible service in the field of product design. We offer streamlined rapid prototyping, custom molding, production tooling and plastic molding services. Because we have been in the rapid prototype service since 2002, we can uniquely accommodate your specific products' needs.
Product design:
From a simple sketch or concept to the final product, Cool Prototyping will work with you to get the job done to your satisfaction.
Rapid prototyping:
We make use of the different prototyping techniques including: SLA, SLS and FDM. This flexibility allows us to find a cost effective way to help our customers
develop their products.
Custom molds, plastic molds:
Our engineers can design and custom-make all types of plastic molds based off detailed customerís sketches and concepts.
Production tooling - Plastic molding: With our backup factories overseas, we can mass-produce great quantities of final products.

Product Design Ė 3D Design

rapid prototyping, product designA designer produces several preliminary sketches to translate the basic concept of your proposed patent onto paper.

Rapid Prototyping

rapid prototyping, prototypingPrototypes can range from non-functional models and virtual drawings to 3D virtual designs that show functionality, all the way to being fully-functional products.

Custom Molds - Plastic Molding

custom molds, plastic moldsWe specialize in all types of molds and mold-making from the design to engineering, tooling, and special machining services.
rapid prototyping examplePast Successes: With our years of experience in the product design field in both 2D and 3D design, we have perfected high quality rapid prototyping services like SLS, SLA, CNC, FDM, and more. We offer custom molds services, including all kinds of plastic molds, and we have advanced production tooling and plastic molding equipment. We helped this customer make their golf brush patent into a reality!"
rapid prototyping example
We are very happy that you help us turn our invention into reality. Very fast, high quality. We can use it to do my profit business. If I have other need, we will let you know. Thank you.

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Cool Prototyping provides "one-stop" product design service: rapid prototyping, plastic molds, custom molds, production tooling and plastic molding.
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