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Cool Prototyping provides high-quality rapid prototyping and custom molding service for our new and satisfied repeat customers.  Our customers’ suggestions are a strong motive force for our improvement.  Customers’ praises constitutes vindication of our services.

4)"Cool Prototyping has a great group! I would use them again. Their friendly and professional services helped me realize my goals. Now we have filed the patent and want to market this product. Very happy we found them. Thanks for all you did."

5) “You are perfect. If I have any rapid prototyping needs, I will contact you directly. Your work was very favorable. Thanks.”

6) "Cool Prototyping has a series of product design, rapid prototyping and production tooling services that can be used. It was very convenient to use them to make prototypes, then take the product to marketing. Thanks for your comprehensive services. It is pleasure to do business with you."

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With our years experiences in product design field: 2D or 3D design; high quality rapid prototyping service, such as SLS, SLA, CNC and FDM etc; custom molds service, including all kinds of plastic molds, and our advanced production tooling and plastic molding equipment, we help our customers make their golf brush patent into reality!!!
Cool Prototyping provides "one-stop" product design service: rapid prototyping, plastic molds, custom molds, production tooling and plastic molding.
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